This website was used for the Carlos Amador for Los Angeles City Council 2019 campaign. The information in this site memorializes this City Council campaign.

For a San Fernando Valley
We Can ALL Call Home.


For a San Fernando Valley
We Can ALL Call

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"I'm running for office because I want to live in a community where the streets are safe for my daughter and her friends to play freely, where her teachers are valued and supported to give the best to our children, and where everyone has access to good jobs that allow us to live good lives.

As a long-time human rights and civil rights advocate, I ground myself in progressive values of inclusivity, fairness, and hard work.

My own life has shown that, together, we can over come any challenge and I'm ready to bring the best to our district in the valley alongside you."


City Government We Can Trust

City government is most effective when it counts with the trust and engagement of community members. Carlos pledges not to take any donations from developers. And when elected, he will sponsor a ban on developer money flowing into the campaign coffers of elected officials. City campaigns need to be clean and transparent for the community to once again believe in the pillars of the democratic system. City Hall must put the community’s interests first.

An Economy that Works for All

From healthcare providers to public teachers, our working communities deserve good-paying jobs that are sustainable and secure. Carlos brings creative solutions to provide the new workforce with the tools necessary to tackle the ever-changing economy. Carlos supports a living wage, increasing worker benefits, paid parental leave, closing the gender pay gap, and educational programs that equip our workforce with the skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

Carlos is also committed to fight for the rights of workers, combat discriminatory hiring practices, and ensure that employers have what they need to build their businesses and build their lawful labor and workplace standards.

A San Fernando Valley Where We All Can Live

We live in a beautiful and diverse region that houses families that aspire to build vibrant neighborhoods for themselves and their children. In order to ensure that families continue to reach their vision of a quality life, Carlos plans to meet the demand for affordable housing and address the crisis of homelessness via community-driven processes and creative policy solutions that bring more resources to support families, both newly arrived and long-term residents.

Advancing Environmental Justice Locally

Carlos will work together with community coalitions to shut down the Aliso Canyon Gas Facility once and for all. During the 2015 Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout, thousands of families, first responders, and community members in the San Fernando Valley were impacted. It is time that the city moves away from the use of fossil fuels and transition into a new Green era. Carlos will advance policies that protect the environment, kick-start a localized green economy, and create green zones to help our city succeed and be healthy. Among other policies, Carlos will work to ban oil drilling across the city in order to protect the health and safety of our communities. Los Angeles can become the model city that tackles global warming while advancing an economy that works for all.

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Endorsed by:

National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter
Roofers Union Local 36
Bike the Vote Los Angeles - "A" Score

Michael Kaufman, Civil Rights Attorney
Reshma Shamasunder, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles*
Amelia Gray, Author/Screenwriter
Victor Narro, Los Angeles Commissioner
Caitlin Bellis, Fellow, UC Irvine School of Law*
Rhonda Ortiz, USC PERE*
Mark Masaoka, Community Leader
Andres Kwon, Civil Rights Lawyer and Organizer
Betty Hung, Civil Rights Lawyer and Educator
Laboni Hoq, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles*
Shiu-Ming Cheer, Board member, Filipino Migrant Center*
Myrla Baldonado, Pilipina Labor Leader
Set Ronkylio, Documentary Filmmaker
Laura Raymond, ACT LA*
Laura Alongi, UCLA Luskin*
Bamby Salcedo, TransLatin@ Coalition*
Diego Sepulveda, Community Leader
Jorge Gutierrez, Familia: Transqueer Liberation Movement*
Tadios Belay, Community Leader
Jennicet Gutierrez, Transgender Activist
Mia Yamamoto, Criminal Justice Attorney
Kimberley Tellez, Community Leader
Cristina Jimenez, Immigrant Rights Leader
Mario Escobar, Mission College*
Fernando Torres-Gil, Los Angeles resident
Reverend Oliver Buie, Minister of Community Engagement, Holman United Methodist Church*
Emi McLean, National Day Laborer Organizing Network*
Sara Sadhwani, Pomona College*
Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, Civil Rights Leader
Walter Nicholls, College professor and community leader
Rick Dimitri, Community Leader
Álvaro de Regil, Community Leader
Cynthia Buiza, California Immigrant Policy Center*

*Organizations listed for identification purposes only.

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