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This website was used for the Carlos Amador for Los Angeles City Council 2019 campaign. The information in this site memorializes this City Council campaign.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


We’ve built all sorts of useful features into Bear to help you turn ideas into notes as fast as possible. Read on to step up your Bear game.

But if you want to start from the beginning, head over to [[Welcome to Bear]], learn how to [[Organize and Publish]] your notes, and check out [[Bear Pro with sync, export, and themes]].

Advanced Search

Bear can instantly search all your notes, but it also has a number of advanced search operators that can focus on certain types of content in your notes.

For example, you can type @todo in the search box to find all notes with tasks, or @files to find all notes with attachments. You can also use @images to find just those kinds of attachments. Finally, you can use double quotes to search specific phrases, such as "bear is cool".

Browser and App Extensions

It’s easy to collect text, images, attachments, and entire web pages from other apps. Learn how to add and use Bear’s extensions for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Tap Those Tags

All tags in Bear are tappable and clickable. To give it a try, make sure you aren’t editing a note by pressing Command + Return with a keyboard, or swiping to hide the keyboard on iOS.

Then, in any note, tap a tag like #welcome/pro tag—the Notes List will appear and show you all notes which contain that tag.

On Mac, you can hide the Sidebar and/or Notes List to enjoy distraction-free writing (on iOS, this happens automatically 😉). Use the Layout Selector (the bottom right icon) to see your options.

Link notes together ⛓

One of Bear’s really fun and useful features is Note Linking. It’s great for quickly moving between multiple notes in a project, creating a choose-your-own adventure, or using multiple notes to welcome users to a fuzzy, red new app! 😉

To link one note in another:

  • Type two brackets like this: [[ anywhere in a note
  • Type a couple letters of the note you want to link
  • A Suggestion Box will appear with notes to suggestion
  • Select one of the suggested notes, and Bear will insert the note’s name, a link, and two final brackets in your current note

Tip: If you’re using a keyboard with a Mac or iPad, you can use the arrow keys and Return to select a suggested note.

Our Community

We have an incredible community of Bear users who share ideas, tips, workflows, and even some of their own tools built to work with Bear. Here are some good places to start exploring and learn more about Bear:

Feedback 💬

We would love to hear your feedback at bear@shinyfrog.net.

If you enjoy Bear, please give us a rating or review in the App Store and Mac App Store. They help a lot!

Thank you so much for trying Bear, and happy writing!
🎉 🐻 🎉

Learn More

[[Welcome to Bear]]
[[Organize and Publish]]
[[Bear Pro with sync, export, and themes]]

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