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Meet Carlos Amador.

Carlos Amador is a long-time human rights and civil rights advocate. Growing up in a working class immigrant family, Carlos dealt with the same challenges that many people face in this country. It was through those experiences that he adopted the values of justice, inclusiveness, fairness, and compassion.


While in high school, Carlos excelled in his classes while working as a warehouse janitor on weekends. After graduation, Carlos continued his janitorial job at night as he attended college. It was during these years – working back-breaking jobs – where Carlos learned that every job has dignity and every task is essential to make our communities function.


In college, Carlos became active in the movement for immigrant rights. Among the main factors that ignited his activism was the deportation of his brother in 2003. This sudden separation led his family to an economic and emotional crisis. Yet Carlos and his family grew closer through their collective resilience. Carlos became an organizer on campus at California State University Fullerton, and later went to organize in surrounding communities against deportations and for local policies that advanced the rights of community members.


Carlos’ experience on campus and at work helped him make the connections of the importance to build bridges across movements. That is why Carlos has supported campaigns to advance the rights of workers. Carlos has marched in solidarity with hotel workers, food commercial workers, port truck drivers, teachers, as well as carwash workers demanding better working conditions across Southern California. These actions have shaped him into the advocate he is today.


During the federal DREAM Act campaign of 2009-2010, Carlos became a leader in the national undocumented youth movement. In the summer of 2010, Carlos participated in a 15 day hunger strike outside the offices of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein to pressure her to vote in favor of the DREAM Act.


After the federal DREAM Act campaign, Carlos formed part of a small group of immigrant young leaders who led the campaign that won the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA provides protection from deportation for close to 800,000 undocumented youth and is considered the most significant pro-immigrant policy enacted since the immigration reform act of 1986.


Since then, Carlos continued to fight for worker rights, immigrant rights, and civil rights issues. His advocacy while at the California Immigrant Policy Center has influenced the enactment of progressive local and state policies and programs including the Los Angeles Justice Fund, the state’s One California program, and the state’s Sanctuary law, SB 54 (De Leon), the strongest anti-deportation legislation in the nation, among others.


Carlos has also joined in solidarity supporting local efforts to protect Muslim members from federal programs that profile and surveil the community. Carlos supported the 2018 campaign to stop the implementation of the federal CVE program in Los Angeles. Carlos is committed to fight for rights of all people and strives to further unite communities of all backgrounds to fight for our shared common dreams.


Carlos is a resident of Granada Hills, where he lives with his wife and five year old daughter. Being a father of a strong, independent, and intelligent young girl is the biggest motivation to continue fighting for a better, more prosperous future for all.


Carlos is a board member of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council, and a board member of the ACLU of Southern California. He holds a Masters of Social Welfare degree from UCLA.


Carlos is running to represent City Council District 12, covering the neighborhoods of Granada Hills, Northridge, Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, West Hills, Sherwood Forest, and parts of Reseda and North Hills. He wants a San Fernando Valley for all to call home.

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