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Policies that Put People First: Where Carlos Stands.

A City Government We Can Trust

Carlos believes that city government is most effective when it counts with the trust and engagement of community members. This is why Carlos is committed to addressing core issues in city government to bring back trust from those who the government is supposed to represent. Carlos is putting the community first, that is why he is pledging to not take any donations from developers. And when elected, he will sponsor a ban on developer money flowing into the campaign coffers of candidates and elected officials. City campaigns need to be clean and transparent for the community to once again believe in the pillars of the democratic system. Because City Hall must put the community’s interests first.

A San Fernando Valley Where We Can All Live

The San Fernando Valley, including Council District 12, is a beautiful and diverse region that houses families that aspire to build vibrant neighborhoods for themselves and their children. In order to ensure that families continue to reach their vision of a quality life in the San Fernando Valley, Carlos plans to implement strategies that meet the demand for affordable housing via community-driven processes, creative policy solutions that bring more resources to support families, and newly arrived and long-term tenants. When elected to city council, Carlos will use his skills as a social worker to address the homeless crisis facing the district and city through a comprehensive, humane approach. He will maximize the resources available by Measure HHH, JJJ, and coordinate county resources and elevate cutting edge solutions in a localized way.

An Economy that Works for All

From healthcare providers to public teachers, our working communities in the San Fernando Valley deserve good-paying jobs that are sustainable and secure. Carlos will bring creative solutions to ensure that the new workforce is provided with the tools necessary to tackle the ever-changing economy. Carlos is committed to policies that support a living wage, increasing worker benefits, paid parental leave, close the gender pay gap, and educational programs that equip our workforce with the skills needed to thrive in the workplace. Carlos is also committed to fight for the rights of workers, combat discriminatory hiring practices, and ensure that employers are abiding by lawful labor and workplace standards.

Quality Public Education Where Our Kids Can Envision a Radical and Prosperous Future

Carlos is the product of public education. When he arrived to the U.S., he enrolled in a public high school and excelled in both academics and athletics. After graduating high school, he was a student in all California’s public higher education systems. Carlos attended community college, California State University Fullerton, and eventually landed at UCLA as a graduate student. As an undocumented college student, Carlos faced numerous challenges in paying for tuition fees, books, housing, and transportation. While attending higher education was challenging, Carlos became appreciative of the opportunities that a good, quality public education can provide. That is why Carlos will fight for a strong public education system that can transform and inspire and lead our generations. When our public schools are strong, our children’s path to success becomes brighter.


Efficient City Services Across the District

Caring for the neighborhoods across District 12 will be a priority for Carlos. Carlos is committed to ensuring that our neighborhoods in the 12th district are healthy, beautiful, and clean. That is why he will take a particular focus on efforts to have all city services running efficiently so communities can thrive across the neighborhoods. From street cleaning services, like getting rid of excess of debris and unwanted furniture, to ensuring that all sidewalks are operational for pedestrians and community members on wheelchairs, and ensuring that bike lane systems are robust throughout the region. Carlos will also work to invest in parks and recreation services across the district. He wants to create more children and youth programs so kids can grow healthy and build more connections in the community.

Bringing Much-Needed Transportation Infrastructure to the Northwest San Fernando Valley

The northwest San Fernando Valley is one of the least-developed areas of the city when it comes to transportation infrastructure. As the city moves to find solutions to addressing the traffic gridlock, reducing commute time, and mitigating the impact that cars have on our environment, the voice of community members from the 12th district should be taken into consideration. Carlos will prioritize the transportation infrastructure needs of our region. That includes ensuring that the MTA includes robust transit plans in our district, connecting residents to public transportation lines, and a radical expansion of bike lanes. Carlos will support infrastructure development that protects and expands transportation for bike riders, pedestrians, and people on wheelchairs to travel in and around the 12th district.

Advancing Environmental Justice Locally

Carlos will work together with community coalitions to shut down the Aliso Canyon Gas Facility once and for all. During the 2015 Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout, thousands of families, first responders, and community members in the San Fernando Valley were impacted. It is time that the city moves away from the use of fossil fuels and transition into a new Green era. Carlos will advance policies that protect the environment, kick-start a localized green economy, and create green zones to help our city succeed and be healthy. Among other policies, Carlos will work to ban oil drilling across the city in order to protect the health and safety of our communities. Los Angeles can become the model city that tackles global warming while advancing an economy that works for all.

Protecting the Immigrant, Civil & Human Rights of Angelenos


Carlos’ personal immigrant background influences his passion to serve others. Immigrants are part of the heart and soul of Los Angeles, including across the Twelfth District. That is why Carlos will continue to champion policies and programs that open the city up to immigrants, keep families together, and make our communities thrive. While the city has made significant strides to protect immigrant residents from federal attacks, more is needed to make the city a real sanctuary for all. Carlos will work to ensure that no city resources are used to advance Trump’s deportation machine. And, Carlos will strengthen city programs, like the New Americans Centers and LA Justice Fund, that support the integration of our immigrant communities in the district through guidance in the citizenship and DACA processes, as well as deportation defense for all at risk of being of being separated from their families.


Carlos will also fight to protect our diverse communities from any type of persecution and criminalization from governmental and non-governmental actors. Carlos has worked within coalition spaces to stop the implementation of the federal CVE program in Los Angeles targeting Muslim community members. At the same time, since the 2016 presidential election, there has been an increase in hate crime across the nation, including in Los Angeles. Such actions have affected the Jewish community, the Armenian community, the Black community, the LGBTQI community, and the Latinx community. As a city council member, Carlos will champion efforts to create bridges across communities.

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